whatGoogleSuggestsFor() : Using Google Instant to map Stereotypes or Sentiment (in R)

Some interesting things emerge when using Google Instant service from different countries.

The whatGoogleSuggestsFor() function will take a string as an input and return a list of suggestions by Google based upon Google Instant Service. Good to map stereotypes or analyze sentiment of a brand. The code is at the end.

For instance, we could get stereotypes attributed to France, seen from the US

> whatGoogleSuggestsFor(“why france”, domain=”us”)
              ” is great”             ” joined ww1″       ” banned the burqa” 
” gave statue of liberty” ” is better than germany”      ” colonized algeria” 
        ” sold louisiana”        ” banned fracking”             “sa left yes” 

Or, a global advice on Nike Company
> whatGoogleSuggestsFor(“why nike is”, domain=”us”)
                  ” bad”    ” better than adidas”              ” the best” 
           ” successful”     ” a good investment” ” the best sports brand” 
              ” popular”                ” better”        ” the best brand” 
           ” so popular” 

Some concerns about the the World Cup when you question the future of Brazil

> whatGoogleSuggestsFor(“will Brazil”, domain=”us”)

             ” win the world cup”     ” be ready for the world cup”      ” be ready for the olympics” 
                      ” be ready” ” be ready for the 2016 olympics”    ” be ready for 2014 world cup” 
               ” be a superpower”                  ” lose olympics”      ” be safe for the world cup” 
” be ready to host the world cup” 

You could use that function in a script to collect suggestions for a list of questions.

          prefix                     suggestion
1  why europe is            better than america
2  why europe is                    a continent
3  why europe is                        awesome
4  why europe is                  called europe
5  why europe is                not a continent
6  why europe is                   so expensive
7  why europe is        the best place to visit
8  why europe is      considered as a continent
9  why europe is                           rich
10 why europe is          better than australia
11 why africa is                           poor
12 why africa is                 underdeveloped
13 why africa is                 not developing
14 why africa is          called dark continent
15 why africa is                 still starving
16 why africa is  the most homophobic continent
17 why africa is                     still poor
18 why africa is                poor greg mills
19 why africa is                         behind
20 why africa is           not a dark continent
21   why asia is            better than america
22   why asia is             better than africa
23   why asia is             better than europe
24   why asia is                    called asia
25   why asia is                      important
26   why asia is                           poor
27   why asia is                   so populated
28   why asia is  called continent of contrasts
29   why asia is              densely populated
30   why asia is        called land of extremes

So then, you can map stereotypes all over the world.

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